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keith fullerton whitman / lisbon / kranky

Keith Fullerton Whitman toured Europe in late 2005, melding his guitar work to a series of gradual electronic permutations, he was rapidly refining and expanding certain areas of sound. As his testimony claims, one night in Lisbon it all came together. At 41 minutes in a single track, this bears more than structural similarities to Christian Fennesz's Live in Japan cd from a few years back. The guitar is there as foundation, but it quickly has every characteristic turned inside out. The first third of this set is gorgeous pure toned bliss, crafting and elucidating the shape with gentle movements. As it evolves, the sound gradually expands to a lovely crescendo of fuzz and bass. Thanks to my friend Bart for introducing me to this skilled artist.
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magda / club le triptyque / 08.10.05